Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Southern Exposure

I've always loved art. Abstract, photography, realism, sculpture, impressionism- the list goes on and on. As an emerging artist this is also the hardest thing for me to get past- my love of all art forms. New artists often struggle to find their niche. We are constantly experimenting and acting on every new creative project that pops into our heads (just ask my mom, our studio space is a wreck). 

Luckily for me, I think I've finally found it- my niche I've been waiting on. All I had to do was look outside. After 21 years of living here, how did I not see the beauty and the art that is the South?? From farms, swamps, stinky hogs, and even my own backyard, I've been inspired! I've rekindled my love with my southern upbringing and now all there is left to do is transplant that love through the lens of my camera and onto canvas.

With the help of my mom and very dear friends, I've come up with the fabulous idea of "Southern Exposure". This will be my first show dedicated completely to the south. I'm so thrilled about it and can't wait to share these new pieces of art with my family and friends!